I would love to visit your school!

Why should you schedule an author visit for your school?

An author visit is an amazing opportunity to give students a rich and enlightening experience that they can learn from and one that will be remembered for a long time. It promotes reading for fun as well as provides a connection to the books students read. See places I've visited HERE.

Benefits Of An

Author Visit

  • It can support classroom learning. Many times, authors will share information about the writing or creative process that students can recall learning during lessons from their teachers.

  • It can motivate students who may not find reading exciting or interesting or those who may be struggling with reading. An author visit can help promote enthusiasm and a passion for reading.

  • It can make creativity accessible and inspire students. Authors share tips and tricks for writing that students are eager to try. Knowing the “inside scoop” on the ideas behind the stories an author shares creates a connection and can help jump start writing projects.

  • It proves that an author is a real person! Students get to hear the joys and the struggles of the writing and publication process. Students learn why the author writes the books he/she writes and how they get their ideas. Authors share why they became an author and how they got there. There is power in hearing someone’s path.

What can you expect during

my school visit?

Introduction of the Author and book

Reading of the selected titles

Question & Answer Session

The question & answer session is the highlight of the visit. The discussion is tailored to the specific grade levels. I ask the students questions to help them recall information in the book. The students also get to ask me questions that give them the opportunity to get to know me. I share my journey and encourage students to never give up on their dreams. 


How long are my author visits?

A typical session lasts 25-30 minutes.

I offer the following:

The Book (Full Day)

Option A: Classroom or grade level sessions, 30 minutes each (maximum number of 4 sessions). A 10-minute break is required after the 2 nd session.

Option B: General assembly with multiple grade levels (maximum number of 3 sessions). A 10-minute break is required after each session.


The Short Story (Half Day)

Option A: 2 classroom visits

Option B: 2 general assembly sessions, which may include same or multiple grade levels


Choose Your Own Adventure

I will work with you to align the session(s) with your goals in mind. We can discuss an alternate format that best fits you and your students’ needs.

Please contact me for my fees.

VIRTUAL VISITS will be available for the 2020-2021 school year. More details to come.

Need some fundraising ideas?

1. Raise money through book sales. You may contact us to discuss this option. Schools may be eligible for a discount when ordering a large number of books.

2. Connect with local businesses, bookstores, and public libraries for sponsorship and promote their business with parents in return.

3. Partner with other schools in your area to share the cost. Authors appreciate the opportunity to connect with multiple schools in the area.

4. Ask your PTA/PTO for assistance with funding or for resources.

5. Look for literacy/educational grants.

Contact Peppermint Publishing today to give your students this unique experience.